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期待您的来访的翻译都很多种。 表示期待的意思的词语: anticipate、waite、look forward to、except等等,所以翻译有这些,仅供参考: Anticipates your visit. Waiting for your visiting. Look forward to your visit. I'll be expecting you...

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顺手采纳答案 来访登记 的英语是Visiting registration

visitor registration form

欢迎词 欢迎词是由东道主出面对宾客的到来表示欢迎的讲话文稿 2.欢迎词的要求 (1)看对象说话。 欢迎词多用于对外交往。在各... 欢迎词是由东道主出面对宾客的到来表示欢迎的讲话文稿 2.欢迎词的要求 (1)看对象说话。 欢迎词多用于对外交往...

1、Warmly welcome the visit of XXX and XXX .例句:Warmly welcome the visit of American XXX group vice-president Mr.Johm Green and staff.【热烈欢迎美国×××集团副总裁约翰?格林先生一行来访】2、Warmly welcome ×&#...

随便来访 Casual visit

1. Welcome to ____(地名,如China、Shanghai、 our company等). It's very nice to meet you. Enjoy your stay / Hope you have a good stay here. 2. Hi, how are you? I am _____. It's a pleasure to meet you 3. I would like to make a to...

您好,很开心为您解答 “顺便拜访”可以用以下几个短语表达 drop by/come over/drop in on 以下是这几个短语的具体用法 老板顺便拜访他。 The boss dropped by him. 我下班后顺便拜访了她。 I called in on her after work. 我可以顺便拜访一下萨...

“负责来访客户的接待工作” "Responsible for the reception of visiting customers" “负责来访客户的接待工作” "Responsible for the reception of visiting customers"

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