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payable monthly in arrears的中文翻译_ payable monthly in arrears 每月应付欠款 双语例句 1 Management Fee The Fund shall pay an annual Management Fee equal to 1.75% of committed capital, payable in monthly arrears. 管理费的支付时...

应付e11 利(dividend payable/Dividends in arrears) 应付股利是指企业根据年度利润分配方案,确定分配的 股利 。 是企业经 董事会 或 股东大会 ,或类似机构决议确定分配的 现金股利 或 利润。企业分配的 股票股利 ,不通过“应付股利”科目核...

拖欠的 双语对照 词典结果: in arrears[英][in əˈrɪəz][美][ɪn əˈrɪrz] adv.拖欠,拖延,落后; 很高兴为您解答 祝你生活愉快,学习进步 如果你对这个答案有什么疑问,请追问 如果满意记得采纳哦·~~

票面利率是8%,半年付息一次,即每半年付4%的利息。 30/360是计息方式,可以简单理解为在计息时,每个月按照30天计算,每年按照360天计算。

interest is payable quarterly in arrears 拖欠季度支付利息



Your Fee will be paid to you on a monthly basis in arrears into a bank account nominated by you. Please confirm your account details at the...

4. As the man was unemployed, the council decided to write off the arrears of rent .因为这个人失业,地方议会决定取消其欠租。 5. The first year i ...

1.Bailiffs need a certificate from the county court to seize goods for rent arrears.查封官需要有郡法院的证明才能没收货物以抵欠租。2.It usually takes ...

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