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美洲中医学期刊The American Journal of Chinese Medicine


traditional chinese medicine :(传统)中药

It is totally organic and natural. Most of them made from raw organic plants. Just like superfood, such as wheat grass powder, detox your body, make you feel better and really getting better from inside-out. Most of foreigners ...

Evidence-based medicine 循证医学 The test will provide experimental evidence for developing new thrombolytic medicine and health food. 本实验为利用豆鼓开发新型溶栓物及保健食品提供了实验参考依据.

Chinese medicine,英文出版,是隶属于澳门国际中药学会 (International Society for Chinese Medicine)的一本杂志,网址http://www.cmjournal.org/info/about/

Chinese medicine is a legacy of world medicine. Chinese medicine is better than Western medicine treatment method. Because of the effect of Chinese medicine and treatment, Chinese medicine is more and more popular now in the wo...

Chinese Medicine 期刊ISSN 1749-8546 2013-2014最新影响因子 2.343 期刊官方网站 http://www.cmjournal.org/ 是sci的。

The most precious asset of traditional Chinese medicine is the prescriptions. Most of the medicines prescribed contain herbs and animal ingredients. The story of Shen Nong(神农氏) collecting herbs has been widely spread up to t...


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