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DrAg mE Down中文歌词

歌词 中英双语 I've got fire for a heart, 心中涌起一团热火 I'm not scared of the dark 我丝毫不畏惧黑暗 You've never seen it look so easy 你从不觉这会如此轻松容易 I got a river for a soul 灵魂恰似汪洋 And baby you're a boat 而你...


歌曲名:drag me down 歌手:Tonic 专辑:sugar There's a reason why the words got hard for me to bare Because within them was the promise of a life that just wasn't there You're not my friend and I have no doubt Tonic That I finally...

one direction走了一个队员Zayn,他们写这首歌是表决心,没人能将他们拆散,将他门打倒


drag me down 把我拖下去 双语例句 1 Mom. listen, he's just gonna drag me down. 妈,他会拖累我的。 2 Wild horses could not drag me down to Cape Horn and that sinister Southern Ocean again. 就是野马也休想再把我拖回到合恩角和那凶险...

rag me down 把我拉下来; 拖累我 双语例句 1 Drag me down to where you work. 把我拖到你上班的地方。 2 Why drag me down here? 为什么把我拖到这里来?




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