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One World It's a subject we rarely mention But when we do we have this little invention By pretending they're a different world from me I show my responsibility One world is enough, for all of us One world is enough, for all of...

歌曲:同一个世界 同一个梦想(歌词)One World One Dream 作曲:Frank Mayor 演唱:谭晶 英文歌词: Lanterns light up the night sky In celebration as the nations of the world All come together for a brief moment There is peace and h...

one life one world 字面上的翻译是:一个生命,一个世界 但是准确翻译要看具体的句子,例如: One birth, one life, one world changed forever. 一个新生, 一个生命,永远改变了(这)个世界。



歌曲名:One World One Dream 歌手:黄晓明 专辑:2008年3月新歌速递 祝愿北京奥运会成功举行!!!!!!!!! 黄晓明-One World One Dream 天渐放亮 启明星探头 为我寻觅方向 放飞梦想 让思绪做我翅膀 敞开胸膛 哪里都是清新自由的味道 荣誉梦想 (在这里...

one world one dream[英][wʌn wɜː(r)ld wʌn dri:m][美][wʌn wɜrld wʌn drim] 同一个世界同一个梦想(奥运口号); 例句: 1. 56 Minutes and just one dream. 56分钟,就做了一个梦.

Doyoubelieveinaworld Wherewecannotcheat Thesamegoal,thesamedream Weknowwecansucceed Somethinginsidesostrong Iknowyougottheheart Somethinginsidesostrong Thehearttocarryon Oneworld,onedream Whereeverybody'sfree Oneheart,oneteam A...

1:One world??? 2:Yes, as you know, with the great development of science,especially the telephone and the internt,people are tighty conneted , it just seeems as if we were living in a world. 3: Well, I agree with you , we may e...

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