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Learn to earn is better than yearn to earn. 学会赚钱比渴望获得更好。 重点词汇 learn得知; 学习,学会; 习得; 记住; 学习; 认识到; 获知 earn赢得; 获得; 赚得; 博得; 挣得; 赚,赚得; 使得到 better than比…更好 yearn渴望,切盼,向往; 想...

Chairman Mao once said“one should live with learning until he is old”, he told us the importance of learning. Actually, we are learning all our life, even when we are out of school, we learn from life. Life is a great lesson, i...

不一定。但是,学得多总不会有坏处,尤其是当一个人成年以后。有了知识的充实,会活得很自在,当然这不一定意味着物质生活充裕、富足,更多的是精神、身心的调整,会更加游刃有余吧,毕竟,Money is not everything。 祝好 ~


我能混口饭吃吗?不行,你的技术和能力都还很差。你需要通过学习来充充电了。 百度嫌我字数不够

正确,Learn from sb是固定格式。谢谢

Some people think that if we want to learn English well we must learn English grammar well first of all. Others believe we can't learn English well unless we keep in mind as many English words and phrases as possible. In my opi...

Learn how to invest in the Stock market. If you are a beginner or an expert, you can find basic and advanced trading tips and ideas on ...


形容词,I learn 后面加一个that从句,learned 和earnest 修饰man ,学习最认真的人

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